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Cash for Textbooks

Thanks to Olga Quinn

We decided to go with SatelliteTVFamily after our neighbors told us how much money that they were saving every month since they had switched. It got me to start thinking about other areas where we have been overspending. I looked at all of our bills. Another service that I was really overpaying for was cell phone. I didn’t realize but almost every year the bill had crept up. Now it is literally almost too expensive. I went with my sister to visit one of her friends that sold cell phones with a different service provider than I was using. I ended up shaving forty dollars a month off of our cellular telephone bill. There is just something about saving money that makes you feel really great about yourself. However, knowing that I could have been saving a ton of money every month for years beforehand makes me feel sort of bad, but at least I have corrected the problem and will not fall into that trap again, that is for certain!

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